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CrickOne - Live Cricket Scores & News


With the advent of numerous cricket match series, all eyes are glued to the television for updates. However, the television fails at providing constant updates regarding details of future matches. Such desperate situations call for desperate measures, in this case, a special app to procure infographics about ODI matches, charts, statistics, reports etc.

The CrickOne App

As the name suggests, CrickOne is the number one app for providing coverage regarding extensive information on cricket. Being capable of catering to a wide variety of needs, this app can provide you with live updates, news, tips & trivia, player statistics, highlights or personalisation.

Reliability of data is a momentous aspect during such matches. With the help of highly sophisticated programming, the application can collect, analyse and provide you with reliable data which you can count on without any hesitation.

Operating on a 24x7 hour basis, the app doesn’t cease working and continues to provide you with updates on cricket tournaments, even during a hiatus in matches.

Features Provided

A personalised user interface allows the app to provide numerous features
regarding cricket. These include:

1. LiveScore – This is probably the best feature to have been built into the app. The CrickOne Live Score feature provides people with timely scores updates along with the commentary. Users get live scores, news and video updates regarding the ongoing matches.

2. Upcoming – This section is all about keeping its users updated. Be it upcoming T20 matches or the World-cup 2019, the app continues to provide comprehensive coverage for all upcoming matches and tournaments.

3. Result – There are a few memorable match results which we never forget. Matches whose results we want to view repeatedly. The application does a perfect job of storing all those results for users to view at a later date.

4. Players – There is a special player profile screen built into the app which contains all details regarding players associated with the sport. With the help of this section, highly enthusiastic fans view all about their favourite cricketers such as M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, AB De Villers and many more.

5. Teams – The app doesn’t shy out from displaying the details of teams either. With the help of the app, users can get their favourite teams prioritised and keep receiving updates about them.

6. Series and Fixtures – As aforementioned, the app can display all details regarding the recent developments in the test series and the fixture timetables and schedules.

7. ICC Ranking – The ICC Rankings is a table in which the performances of cricket players from all over the world rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points. Users can get this information without any hassles from the ICC Ranking section.